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 Pitbull and Amstaff Page 

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An ad I scanned from the Toronto Sun shows a fighting pit bull hide out.Look into these sad eyes and say again pit bulls are horrible vicious monsters! In the right hands thoughfully bred APBT's and Amstaffs are wonderful family companions.

AmStaff & APBT Color Pallette


These 2 breeds can be born any colour,not all are acceptable for the American Stafforshire Terrier like the American Pit Bull Terrier.

(Images are Kennel links)


Ranging from dark tan to red in coat color with black shading.Eyes are ususally light to dark brown.Nose is Black.This is Cinnamon,a lovely red fawn with minimal white markings.She is from Rounders Kennels.


#1 Color CHOICE!!

A gray coat ranging in shades of light through dark.Nose is blue(grey).Eyes are usually light blue or amber.This lovely girl is Juliet who sports minimal white markings.She is owned by DeAndre and Tiffany Brooks of Black Pearl Kennel.


#2 Color CHOICE!!

Champagne Red Nose
A peachy toned coat with pink skin.This is Max from Caragan Kennels.He sports minimal white markings.Eye are usually amber.


Red Brindle
A rust colored base coat with black striping(brindling)in black nosed and brown brindling in red nosed.Eye color depends on skin color.This is Cain he sports minimal white markings.


#3 Color CHOICE!!

Blue Fawn
A reddish beige or tan base coat with gray hairs and mask.Eyes are blue or amber.Nose is blue(gray)This is Ch."PR" Larum's Shootin' Storm and he is owned by Cheryl Larum of Larums Kennel. He sports minimal white markings.


#4 Color CHOICE!!

Red Red Nosed
A bright chestnut colored coat ranging in light to dark shades.Sometimes with a red mask.Amber eyes.Sometimes white makings.Skin is peachy pink toned.This is Tank of Peterson's Pit Bulls.


Blue Brindle
A blue base coat with tan striping(brindling)throughout.Eyes are amber or blue.Nose is blue(gray).Many have a blue mask.This is Bouncer of Gaff Kennels.He sports flashy white mantle markings.


Red Black Nosed
A redish tan coat.Must be clear with no black hairs.Eyes are chestnut brown and nose is black.This is Dwalin of Cloverhill Kennels and he sports white mantle markings.


Black Brindle
A black base coat with tan brindling throughout.The eyes are brown or dark amber.Nose is jet black.This is Eddy of Gaff Kennels and he sports flashy white markings.


Chocolate Red Nosed
Coat is a rich chocolate(liver)Eyes are amber and skin is dark pink.This is Gator of Ragenbull Kennels.


Mahogany Brindle
The most striking of brindles.A rich chocolate brown with light brown to tan brindling.Eyes are chestnut brown.This is Panda of Cloverhill Kennels and she sports flashy white mantle markings.


A pure black dog has no other colors or shadings intermixed in the coat.Skin is black to dark gray other than areas of white markings.Nose is black.Eyes appear black or very dark brown.This is Okie of Play Kennels and he sports heavy white markings.


A pure white coat.Skin color is usually pink but can have a red nose,blue nose or black nose depending on genes.Eyes vary on genes aswell.Can be pink if the dog is an albino.This is Pride of Allen's Pitbulls.

Little Bit

A white base coat with random patches of any color.Eyes and skin vary on patch color and genes.For examble a dog with black patches will most likely have brown eyes and a black nose.This is Little Bit a red brindle pinto female from Allen's Pitbulls.


A pale fawn with more black pigment in the facial region and down the spinal area and tail.Eyes are light to dark brown.Nose is Black.This is Simba of Gaff Kennels and he sports minimal white markings.


Some what like a fawn but with more shading.Coat appears smutty.Eyes and skin depend on coat color and genes.This is Cowboy of Gaff Kennels.He is a blue sable male with plenty of flashy white mantle markings.


Splotchy coloring sort of resmbling torn colored paper pieces.These unique patterns are more commonly seen on Autralian Shepherds and Catahoula Leopard Dogs.Eyes come in a rainbow of colors such as blue,green,yellow or even a mix of the three!Skin color varies on gene pigments,usually splotchy like the coat,example red merles have red noses.This is Lucky a red merle male from Platinum Kennel.


Red Tri
A solid red coat with tan and white markings.The same pattern as seen on a Bernese Mountain Dog or tri-colored Austrailian Shepherd.Eyes are Amber.Skin is dark pink.This is Trouble of Peterson's Pitbulls.


Black Tri
Black with tan markings as seen on a Rottweiler or Doberman Pinscher.The Black tri has also white markings present as does any tri-colored dog.Eyes are light to dark brown and skin is dark grey or black where there is black or tan fur and pink where there is white fur.This is Rogue of Lion Heart Kennel and he has extensive white markings.


This color is VERY rare! It is the isabella(dilute) form of blue just as the champagne is the isabella of red.Coat color appears a silvery purplish tint.Some would call this silver fawn.Skin is pale gray and eyes are pale blue.Nose is medium gray.This is Cannon a beautiful boy owned by Ron Adams of Allyn WA.


A color rarely seen on an APBT or AmStaff.A white base coat with colored specks through out the entire coat.Patches are permissable.Commonly seen on German Pointers this color is unique and striking and will turn heads.This is Yoda a male black ticked APBT of Screamer's Pits.


A stunning color of mixed chocolate and black hues blended into one coat. Certain lighting will give a livery or chocolate hue while from an other angle the dog appears black. Nose is usually black but can be dark brown. Eyes are usually light to dark chestnut brown.

Buddy Boy

Sable Brindle
This is a truley unique and stunning brindle and not as common as chestnut or black.The base coat is mahogany brown with a black sable overlay.Brindling of rich tan and/or black can be seen through out the coat. This is CCh PR "Buddy" a lovely boy owned by Shana Blumenburg of Kismet Kennel.

Pictures and descriptions of the following coming soon:
Chestnut Brindle
Blue Tri
Black and Tan